Gail’s story

“After having two children I was no longer able to do many of the activities I used to enjoy and had increasing aches and pains. I blamed getting older and the lifting/carrying that is involved when looking after young children. I tried many things to help but nothing made a lasting difference.

When I started taking lessons with Jane I began to realise that something else might be the cause of my problems. It could be the way that I was using my body in my daily activities. I had never considered that my problems and aches could be caused by way I was doing things. My next revelation was that all I needed to do was think and move in a different way and I could solve these problems.

I like the fact that you can apply and practise the Alexander Technique at any time, during any activity and without anyone knowing. It puts you back in control. It has improved my quality of life immensely. I have a calmness that I have not had in many years. I find that I have more energy for activities I enjoy and need less sleep. I am more relaxed and my aches and pains are gradually disappearing as I learn more.”

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