What happens in a lesson?

The seemingly straight forward concept of thinking about movement has made a massive difference to the way I spend my daily life.” Andy, Director

In lessons we look at activities that interest you, such as sitting, computer work, walking, playing an instrument, any activity you choose. We consider how you think and how you move, alongside the ideas and principles of the Alexander Technique. By using a combination of discussion and delicate touch, you learn to how to bring greater freedom and ease into everyday and specialist activities.

To see if the Alexander Technique is for you contact me to discuss and/or book an introduction. An introduction lasts 40 minutes and costs £40.  If you share an introduction with others it lasts 60-75 minutes (depending on the number of participants) and costs £30 per person. You can also contact me to organise a group introduction for your workplace or educational setting or special interest group.

Links to more information about the Alexander Technique

  • The website of the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM), for teaching the work of FM Alexander, contains a wealth of information. This includes a section on some of the potential benefits.

  • My short blogs playfully share some of the Alexander Technique ideas and principles and if you are interested in why I began lessons, here is my story.

  • Not in the Midlands? The ITM website lists other Teachers  and if you live in Bristol I recommend Simon Gore and Tracy Gil