Alexander Technique with Jane Toms

“I have learnt a whole new approach to movement, maybe even life.” Esther, Researcher

Have you ever wondered if there might be a better way to go about your everyday activities? A better way to think, move and live? If yes, then the Alexander Technique might be for you.

People come for lessons for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are having difficulties in their everyday or specialist activities. Activities such as sitting, using a laptop, sport, musical performance etc. Sometimes they have no particular difficulty but have heard that the Alexander Technique can help them achieve more of their potential.

I teach people individually, in pairs and in small groups in my studio in Solihull.  I also deliver introductions, workshops and short courses in venues such as Hospitals, Universities, Music Colleges, Festivals and for special interest groups.

Contact me to find out more. Or leave a message on 0121 705 8773 and I will call you back.