Why come to me?

‘The way you present things is accessible, pragmatic and with a playful light-touch’ Tamsin, Coach

I find teaching the Alexander Technique an absolute joy. Seeing how people engage with the technique, and witnessing the difference it can make to their lives, is exciting and fun. Helping people learn how to think more constructively and, at the same time, learn how to move more easily, is endlessly fascinating and so rewarding.

I have 40 years experience of working with people. This includes as a Physiotherapist, a University Lecturer, a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, an ITM Alexander Technique Teacher and a Trainer of ITM Alexander Technique Teachers. After all this time my interest in people, how they think, move and live, is greater than ever.

The Alexander Technique is something I bring to everything I do. As someone who loves learning about things, this has included activities that I have been involved in for many years (such as yoga, singing, and guitar) and new activities (such as bouldering, kayaking and helping adults learn to read). Excitingly one of the many things the Alexander Technique has taught me is that I don’t need to restrict my love of learning to specialist activities, I can learn from everyday activities too.

I am fully insured and have professional registrations (see footer). For more about me and my approach, please see my story and read my ‘blog-like’ articles.