Are you ‘over-egging’ it?

What does putting too many eggs in a pudding do? It spoils it, wasting ingredients, time and effort. This blog explores why this is relevant to more than cooking and how the Alexander Technique can help.

People ‘over-egg’ many things they do, often without realising. It is a term used for doing more than is necessary or desirable in pursuit of a goal. It can cause unnecessary difficulty, discomfort and spoil the goal itself.

For example, when holding a mobile phone we might over-egg the essential component of bending our fingers and hold the phone in a tense, ‘claw-like’ grip. Or we might add in a useless component, such as scrunching together our head and shoulders. Or we might do both. Or more. Ultimately the extra tension we create can spoil our experience, during and after.

So how does the Alexander Technique help?

In the Alexander Technique we think through what is needed to reach a goal. As part of that process, we consider how things actually work. This could include a simple look at the joints involved, the muscles required, anything relevant to the task at that moment.

By thinking about what is actually needed we are a taking a step towards stopping any ‘over-egging’. Valuable anytime of the year. Especially valuable at Christmas.