Alexander Technique with Jane Toms

The Alexander Technique teaches you how to bring more freedom and ease to everything you. How to improve your mental and physical performance. Benefits reported by my pupils include:

I was amazed how the Alexander Technique was helpful in so many activities including driving, walking, jogging, sitting and even how I react in interpersonal encounters. I have learnt a whole new approach to movement and life.” Esther, Research Director

“The Alexander Technique has helped me let go of the oughts, shoulds and musts learnt over a lifetime of contorting my body into so-called good posture.  It has been about letting go of rigidity in my thinking and body.” Sam, Student

I teach in Solihull every Wednesday and Thursday (daytime and evenings) and some Fridays (daytime). Due to COVID-19 only individual lessons are occurring. Please still contact me to find out more about the technique and COVID-19 precautions.

Regarding group lessons and workshops please click here to find out more.

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